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Split sewer charge

With the Split Sewer Charge BBSoft® offers the possibility to conduct the calculation of the sewer charge according to rules for the precipitation amount, which is induced from every parcel of land in the public sewer system. The number of square metres of the sealed surfaces is automatically calculated. The areas and surfaces from the official property cadastre serve as basis for acquisition. These were obtained through aerial views and scanned charts. Communes and engineering offices are supported at all stages of the surface determination.

Further features:

  • cropping of the considered parcel of land occurs automatically and facilitates the work enormously
  • deposited aerial views allow for an accurate evaluation of the covering surface
  • the surface detailing can be determined by the user in person, e.g. only the roof surface area according to inclination classes or to the pavement types
  • functions for plotting allow for the compilation of full-scale plans
  • generation of full-scale parcel of land plans, in which the citizens can insert supplements and annotations
  • the addressees of the notifications of charge could be imported in the database from existing calc-lists
  • prefabricated example cover letters for the information disclosure are included as a sample (LibreOffice)
  • the automatic generation of serial letters is possible
  • the collected data can be transmitted to the responsible office for the cost estimation and for the notifications of charge


  • Gesplittete

    digitized surfaces

  • Gesplittete

    converted CAD-elements

  • Gesplittete

    data transfer: sealed surfaces

  • Gesplittete

    data output: record sheet