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Mobile mapping

Patented system for the acquisition of street damages, of the communal infrastructure and for the controlling of existing GIS-data.

With this collective development B&B Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH has taken over, with the engineering office Wolfert, the leading role by the acquisition of the traffic area. A range of forward-looking innovations makes the acquisition, the checking and the supplement of geodata to an unbeatable cost-performance ratio possible. Two further sensors are evaluated for the complete data gathering with the already from other systems used components GPS, Video and Laser. Therefore the driving under trees or bridges doesn't direct to the loss of the quality or to the break-off of the measuring.

The acquisition by video makes it possible to digitize street damages and the street accompanying, communal infrastructure in a FullHD-video and to save these automatically in a geo-database. Already existing objects (trees, lamps, manholes and reaches) are indicated in the GIS-database during the digitization. Therefore the replication of existing geodata is possible in the running film.

The big price advantage results from the fact, that only one vehicle (manned with one person) drives, instead of a whole surveying team and that all things, which are visible, are put on record. Only single elements are recorded by tachymetrical recordings or by handheld. The input in the geographic information system can occur to every abitrary time, regardless of the weather! One video can be used at several times for different purposes. During classical surveying a new measurement has to be conducted for every task (e.g. trees or manholes). Important: it is no simple self-contained Stand-alone software, but it is an open system consisting of an acquisition tool, a database surface with viewer and optionally with CAD-connection.

The data acquisition and digitization is in 400gon (all around) possible and is inch-perfect. Vertical clearances, eaves or hanging lamps over the street are ascertainable. Through successful practice and further improvement in the last years a system with the heighest cost-benefit ratio is available for you for rental or for purchase.

required modules: BB-LGGR, BB-GEGR, BB-VSVI