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Mobile data acquisition

Mobile Data Acquisition of BBSoft® makes it possible to acquire data in a locality with the help of GPS-supported Windows Tablets and Notebooks. This technical data could be immediately taken over in a cadastre (e.g. tree-, lamp- or traffic sign cadastre) for filling up the database with information and for comfortable managing of the data. Fieldbooks are no longer needed!

Further features:

  • You can conduct the digitalization by foot or unproblematically (in combiantion with a laser rangefinder) out of a car
  • Punctate objects (e.g. trees or traffic signs) could be directly recorded
  • Later editing of the recorded objects is without any problems possible through a convenient management of the technical data in the GIS-database
  • Arbitrary external references (photos, PDFs...) could be attached to every object
  • A real presentation of the actual neighborhood is, through the deposition of topographic maps and aerial views, unproblematically possible.

Please note:
The software module "Mobile Data Acquisition" ist still in the phase of testing and is currently not mentioned for the commercial usage. Please don´t hesistate to contact us for any further information.

  • Acquisition for tree cadastre

  • Editing of tree cadastre

  • Recorded trees in the CAD

  • Recorded traffic signs in the CAD